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Americans still rely and trust in the U.S. Mail®.


Postage sales will top $40 billion this year, much of that takes place at grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores and other retail businesses.


Surveys show, consumers like the personal touch and tangible aspect of traditional mail - more than 150 billion mail-pieces were generated last year!

A Postage Stamp Program...

Specifically for Retailers: Pioneer Postal Sales distributes pre-packaged postage stamp products to retail businesses. The commercially designed packaging is a dovetail fit – and the small quantity content ideal for today’s lighter mailing trends.


The Right Quantities...

For Today's Consumer: An average mailing consists of less than four mail-pieces! Our handy (4) count Mini-Pack is the overwhelming choice of consumers. For larger mailings our 12-Pack item fits the bill!


Preferred Postage Stamp Vendor

Pioneer Postal Sales has earned preferred vendor status at leading retailers. We provide free shipping, AM orders ship same day. Signage & promo items furnished. All of our products contain nondenominational Forever stamps... when rates change their value adjusts accordingly. With our program the retailer has total control, there are no restrictions or constraints as with other formats. The program can be set-up and managed in a manner that best serves business.

Pioneer Postal Sales proudly supports Special Olympics USA!



Drug Stores Convenience Stores Gift Shops
Newsstands Travel Centers Grocery Stores Supermarkets Card Shops Shipping Centers Service Counters & More!

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Pioneer Postal Sales offers a variety of Forever stamp designs!

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